Getting Here

Getting to Placencia, located in the southernmost portion of Belize, is like a choose your own adventure novel—you have several ways to reach your final destination!

Your journey will begin once you arrive in Belize City. Several major cities in the United States have direct flights into Belize City’s Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (BZE) throughout most of the year.

From Belize City you can choose to fly, take a shuttle, car, taxi or bus to Placencia—options ranging from 20 minutes to 5 hours in transit.

Air Transportation

The flight from BZE to PLJ (Placencia Airport) is about 30-minutes by way of one of two local airlines, Tropic Air Belize or Maya Island Air.  Your personal host will be at the airport to greet you and will drive you to your villa, about 15 minutes away.

Cost: Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas is an official agent of Tropic Air Belize.  We will be happy to book your Belize flight for you for a flat fee of $275 round-trip or $150 one-way, per person (includes a convenience fee).  Many of our guests drive one way and fly the other for cost savings and to experience the difference in scenic views.

If you choose to let us book for you, we will need the first and last name and date of birth for each guest in your group (as noted on their passport).

You can also book your own Belize flights via Tropic Air or Maya Island Air.  Both local airlines offer regular flights between Belize City and Placencia.  If you choose to fly to Placencia, your onsite host will pick you up at the Placencia airport at no cost and bring you to your villa.

We do ask that you provide us with all of your domestic and Belize flight information at least 2 weeks in advance of your arrival.  This allows us ample time to add your information to our schedule and lets your local host monitor your flights to ensure we are there when you arrive.

Ground Transportation

The drive from Belize City to Placencia is approximately 3.5 hours, with stops (depending on your arrival time).

Ground Transportation Cost: This is the most cost-effective travel option for groups traveling from Belize City to Sirenian Bay. We offer one-way ground transportation from BZE to the Resort for a flat fee of $300 or round-trip for $550 (for your entire group).

If you choose our ground transportation shuttle service, one of our staff (easily identifiable by our logo on the van and their uniform) will meet your group at BZE and bring you to the Resort in one of our well-maintained vans.  Our vans are serviced regularly so maintenance issues during the drive are very unlikely.  Should anything occur, our drivers are more than prepared to handle these types of situations.  Depending on the size of your group, we may also bring another vehicle to carry luggage (no extra charge).

Please Note: We do not recommend renting a car and driving yourself, unless you are familiar with driving in foreign countries.  The road conditions and navigational signs are not what most travelers are accustomed to!

Other Options
Local Shuttle Service
There are several options for shuttles from Belize City to Placencia.  The average length of time the shuttle takes to reach its destination is 3.5 hours with a cost per person averaging $55 USD (one-way).
Private Car/Van Transfers
There are many transportation companies that provide private car/van transfers and are based both in Belize City and Placencia. The average cost of a Van transfer is $260-$300 USD for 1 – 4 persons.
You can get a taxi from Belize City or from Placencia if you have not made reservations for your transfer ahead of time. Taxi prices fluctuate according to what is available (and your negotiation skills). However, pricing is generally similar to the private car/van transfer.
Car Rentals
We do not recommend renting a car unless you are familiar and comfortable with the driving conditions, vehicle conditions, and navigational signs in a country like Belize.  However, if you decide to rent a car, there are several car rental agencies to choose from at the Belize Airport, and two car rental agencies in Placencia if you decide you would like a car when you get to Placencia. Average cost for car rental per day is $75 USD.
Bus Lines
There are two bus lines that go to and from Belize City to Placencia. If you are beginning your trip from the Belize Airport you will have to arrive on a flight before noon so you can catch the 2nd bus leaving Belize around 1:00 p.m.  Buses are ideal if you are on a budget and you spend a night in Belize City. Buses usually take about 4-5 hours to get to Placencia. The average cost for one person from Belize City to Placencia is $15 USD.

Belize – A Pocket-Sized Beauty 

We’ve toured the whole of the Caribbean, but it was tiny Belize that won our hearts. Why? It’s close, safe and welcoming – and it has 185 miles of magnificent barrier reef to its name.  In fact, it’s home to the healthiest barrier reef in the world (the Great Barrier Reef is the largest, but ours is the healthiest!).

There’s so much about this friendly, wonderfully diverse country that instantly makes you feel right at home.

For one, it’s the only Central American country where English is an official language, and the only one where the currency is pegged to the US Dollar! With $2 Belize Dollars equivalent to $1 USD, the exchange is simple – and it’s even more simple when you learn that most places are happy to accept US currency.

And then there’s the unbeatable beauty of the country itself. With Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and west, and the splendor of the Caribbean Sea to the east, it’s a true tropical paradise.

Think mountains, jungles and beaches – not to mention some of the world’s most colorful, unusual wildlife. Tapirs, jaguars, and toucans are just some of the creatures you might spot.

Explore a little and you’ll find plenty of other wonders. There are stone temples and deep caves that take you back to the time of the mysterious ancient Maya – a civilization perhaps best known for inventing chocolate.

And if you prefer to live in the here and now, there are endless adventures to be had – everything from zip-lining to spelunking to river tubing. You’ll love it!

Placencia – It’s Barefoot Perfect 
We’re only half-joking when we say that shoes are optional in Placencia.

With 16 miles of soft, white sand beaches tracing the edge of the stunning Caribbean Sea, Placencia has earned the right to its local nickname of ‘Barefoot Perfect.’

In fact, everything about it is perfect. Way down on the southern tip of tropical Belize, it’s a tiny former fishing village whose warm, tranquil feel is summed up by a name that translates to ‘pleasant.’

If you’re after a stunningly beautiful paradise where long, lazy days segue into long, lazy evenings, then Placencia is the place for you. You can relax, shop, dine, and then relax some more.

It’s barefoot perfect – and vacation perfect.

One of the reasons we chose to build in Placencia is because of the safety and stability of Belize and the Placencia Peninsula.

Here are a few helpful resources and links to ensure your vacation is as safe as possible.

U.S. Department of State
If you are a United States citizen, you can check travel recommendations and warnings for Belize here. If you are traveling from somewhere else, please be advised of any warnings your home country has issued regarding travel to Belize.

Please be advised that local mosquito transmission of Zika virus infection (Zika) has been reported in Belize. You can find the Center for Disease Control’s most recent recommendations and warnings regarding Zika in Belize here.


Weather can make or break a vacation. Here’s what you can expect year round with the weather in Belize…

More than likely you and your family will enjoy gorgeous sunny days with an average year-round temperature of 75-80°F the entire time you’re here (trust us, you’re going to love it—the weather is near perfect)!

The Caribbean Sea water temperature also stays around 80°F throughout the year.

Belize does have a wet season—June through December, when parts of the country receive up to 150 inches of rain and heavy, sometimes wild storms coming off the Caribbean, which usually occur in the late afternoons.

So if your preferred travel dates fall during that season, just keep it in mind, be flexible, and plan your afternoon activities accordingly.

Now you know another big question we’re asked is about hurricanes…Yes, Belize does have a hurricane season—June through mid-November and historically, most hurricanes have occurred between August and October in Belize.

Never fear though, we have a cooperative early warning network that we share with our neighbors and our safety, evacuation, and other procedures have proven to be effective. So on the rare chance a hurricane does head your way, we’ve got plans in place to keep you safe.

If you have any questions about hurricanes, the rainy season or the weather in Belize, please reach out—we’re here to help!